Retiree Eligibility

Eligibility for Trust Coverage

The Trust’s membership is a closed group, providing health benefits to:

  • Retirees from a UAW-represented position when the Trust was first bargained in the fall of 2007.
  • Retirees who attained seniority at that time as active employees.




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You are not eligible for Trust coverage if you:

  • Are eligible only for a deferred vested pension benefit under your auto company’s pension plan.
  • Are not a retiree.
  • Were discharged for cause, even if you are receiving a pension from your auto company’s pension plan.

Retirees may cover dependents, which typically include a spouse and/or children. More information can be found on the Dependent Eligibility page.


Surviving Spouses

In the event of a retiree’s passing, the spouse, known as the surviving spouse, remains eligible for Trust health coverage for the duration of his or her life. Qualifying surviving spouses must:

Either be enrolled on the date of the retiree’s death or enrolled in the active auto company plan and the active employee was eligible to retire on the date of death.

  • Continue payment of any required monthly contribution.
  •  Be enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B, once eligible.
  • Surviving spouses may not add new dependents; although, they may continue coverage for a dependent child who was enrolled by the retiree prior to his or her death and who continues to meet the dependent eligibility rules

Mandatory Medicare Part A Requirement

All Trust members must enroll in Medicare Part A at age 65. If a members does not enroll, he or she will no longer be eligible for enrollment in Trust coverage. Trust members may be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A when they turn age 65.


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